Initial Session & Scan

Is an in-depth personalized 90 min session and review of your scan and how to best holistically support you and what your seeking. This is an amazing place to start creating the shifts in your life you have been looking for. Be it mind, body, emotional or spiritual. We will navigate what you are wanting in your health journey and provide insight into your next steps with either another local health practitioner or how I can further support you.

Remote or in person sessions available.

What is Bioenergetics?

Bioenergetic is the study, detection and correction of energy in living systems. Decades have been spent mapping out the energy and communication systems of the body and how they interact together and with the environment. Collectively, these systems are called the human body-field, which acts as a control system for the body’s physical and mental activity.

What do Bioenergetics therapies do?

Essentially, bioenergetic therapies help people heal on a cellular and energetic level. By supporting our bodies physical & emotional issues to improve the flow of information between our bodies systems and it’s systems and the environment. Bioenergetics is non-invasive. Working on the same principles as acupuncture. They aim to help clients release both physical and emotional tension that may be causing problems and bring the body back to coherence. Assisting to improve physical health and emotional suffering related to stress, anxiety, depression and trauma.

Bioenergetic therapy stems from the theory that your physical and emotional health are connected – when one suffers, the other suffers. We all recognize that when we’re physically healthy, we’re better able to cope with stress and emotions. And if you’re emotionally healthy, your body is better able to function correctly.¹ 

Groundwork Session

Sliding scales options.

90 Min Session & Scan Includes:

  • Personalized pdf of scan results.
  • A complete and comprehensive consultation of your current energy health & wellness.
  • Covering Energy, Informational, Nutritional, Environmental & Emotional Analysis.
    See FAQ's below for more info.
  • Receive access to an amazing library of free self health resources from NES wellness. Including imprinted music, podcasts, recipes, a groundbreaking ebook on health & more!
  • Personalized P.E.M.F protocols to release energy blocks & strategies to best suit your aspirations. Giving you attainable targets.
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Subsequent Session

Option for only scan.

60 min session & Scan Includes

  • Same benefits as regular sessions.
  • Comparative pattern analysis & insights with session notes to reference.
  • Text question support for 2 weeks following the session via secure client portal.
  • Discounts on any products I offer, rapid transformational hypnotherapy, additional sessions & classes or programs I may run up to 6 months following the sessions.
  • Receive additional discounts on NES wellness products. Including the personalized imprinted meditations, infoceuticals & a free access to the choice point course!
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3, 6 & 12 month Packages

Basic & up.


  • Same benefits as regular sessions.
  • Personalized bi-weekly wellness sessions.
  • Scans every 28 days with comparative pattern analysis & insights.
  • Secure messaging if you have any questions and weekly personalized journals sent to you.
  • Premium features include:
    A personalized protocol can include: RTT hypnosis, individualized meditations & imprinted meditation recordings, weekly sessions, handouts & workbooks and tools to help on your journey. An emergency 30 minute call if in need of additional support & much more.
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