My approach to health & Wellness

Is holistic. Creating balance, well-being, health and vitality within all our systems of influence by harmonizing the key areas I like to refer to as;  #health = Physical Well-being – #heart = Emotional / Spiritual Well-being – #home = Environmental Well-being.

With a background in hypnotherapy, bioenergetic therapies, yoga, herbalism & herbal nutrition.

What Is Holistic Health & Wellness

The practice of treating a person / organic being as a whole: is commonly described as mind, body, spirit/soul or physical, emotional, and spiritual. Traditional practices and medicine have used this integrated approach.

Throughout the world, a wide spectrum of practices are used. They are based on the knowledge, skills and beliefs passed down for generations; to our modern advancements, research and studies. Most of these support the validity of holistic health and wellness and its ability to encourage a fuller potential for wholeness. 

How does it work?

Meeting you where you are at, with a completely personalized approach. We work together to navigate the aspirations you desire in all areas of your life. Specializing in burn-out, trauma recovery, stress management, mindset, self-awareness, relaxation and reset techniques to create a holistic healthy balanced lifestyle. 

I’m here to support you in this journey and to feel powerful, confident, comfortable in your own skin, invigorated, abundant, purposeful, loved, joyful, passionate, and whole. 


Programs & Packages


Sliding scales options.

Hourly & Daily Intensives - in person or online.

  • Mindset Workshops
  • Health & Wellness Programs
  • Meditation & Self Hypnosis
  • Stress & Anxiety Management
  • Workplace Well-being & Awareness
  • Creative Expression & Therapeutic Art

3 month

Sliding scales options

In Person or Online.

  • Weekly or Bi-weekly Sessions
  • Secure online journals & unlimited messaging support between sessions
  • Personalized guided hypnosis/meditation
  • Supporting materials
  • Bioenergetics Scans Monthly
  • Access to dive deep with RTT Hypnotherapy

6 & 12 month

Sliding scales options


  • Dive deeper with full support
  • Includes features of 3 month package
  • Accountability system
  • Habit & Behaviour Building
  • Premium features include: A personalized protocol can include: RTT hypnosis, individualized meditations & imprinted meditation recordings, weekly sessions, handouts & workbooks & tools to help on your journey. An emergency 30 min call if needed for support & much more.