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Toolkit for Well-Being

Exploring healing modalities & holistic health & wellness. Tools for holistic living – Mind, Body, Spirit & Environment. 

Emotional / Spiritual Well-being

Physical Well-being

Environmental Well-being

Holistic Coaching

Listening to Your Body

How many times a day do we just forget to breathe? Or refrain from going to the bathroom to push through what we are doing? Our nervous system is ancient and built for survival, not to cope with the challenges of modern life. Tuning into your body and practicing embodiment can significantly reduce stress on your nervous system and enhance your overall well-being. Understanding its functions and finding ways to manage our responses are key to maintaining a healthy balance in today’s world.

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The Beauty in us through others' eyes

Unlocking Beauty Within;

This lesson seems to continue to present itself lately. Self-perception and perceiving oneself as less than one truly is. This phenomenon is prevalent in today’s culture, often driven by societal pressures and unrealistic standards.

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Grief, loss, anxiety, depression, sadness

Understanding Complicated Grief: Embracing the Non-Linear Nature of the Grieving Process

Grief is an inevitable part of the human experience, customarily connected to losing a loved one or something significant in our lives. A deeply personal journey that affects individuals differently, even though it’s a universal human experience. The reality of grief is that it is a far more intricate, non-linear and complicated process that does not adhere to the prevalent notion of a linear sequence of stages.

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Emotions connected to Our Hips and ways to release it!

Ways to release stored emotion in our Hips, Pelvis & Sacral Spine. <h1>Yoga, vibration, breath, mindfulness and more!</h1> SHARE THIS POST:</p> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=””> <svg viewBox=”0 0 512 512″ xmlns=””><path d=”M504 256C504 119 393 8 256 8S8 119 8 256c0 123.78 90.69 226.38 209.25 245V327.69h-63V256h63v-54.64c0-62.15 37-96.48 93.67-96.48 27.14 0 55.52…

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Symbolism and Meaning of om aum

OM – The Sacred Universal Vibration – 432 hz – Sound Healing Meditation

The sound of a group chanting Aum – Om together is truly grounding and does not need to be in harmony it organically creates resonance. This practice is used to open and close meditations and yoga classes to bring presence and union. Om-Aum is the original mantra used to create space and connection. There is no wrong way to chant this sacred syllable. When we chant we move energy from our abdomen up to the brain.

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About the Toolkit for Wellness

Holistic health and wellness is known as the practice of treating a person / organic being as a whole. Taking into account that there are many complex working systems to make up this whole. Commonly described as mind, body, spirit/soul or physical, emotional, spiritual. I refer to these aspects as:
#heart – Our emotional / Spiritual Well-being
#health – Our Physical Well-being
#home – Our Environmental Well-being

Creating a holistic toolbox for wellbeing is a personalized process of discovering what tools work for us. Various tools can be helpful throughout a lifetime to create health and wellness. Some tools are great daily, others just for periods of our lives.

It has been a passion of mine to research, share and try the many diverse tools and techniques that promote harmony and healing. Many things we may have seen or heard about, but then one day it just resonates at a different level and we are ready to accept or try it.


Leigh C:

Leigh C:

Earth & Energy Medicine -Ever learning evolving human, Creator, Writer, Artist, Mother, RTT Hypnotherapist, Bioenergetics Practitioner, Herbalist, Health and Wellness Facilitator.

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