Aum - Om 432 hz The Universal Earth Vibration

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Aum-Om A Sacred Vibrations of Life
Energy, Frequency & Sound Healing

"All matter, all energy, all thoughts — exists in Aum"

All beings and non-beings have a vibrational frequency. Quantum Mechanics states energy is vibration. Our Universe is composed of space filled with vibrational fields that are interconnected and constantly communicating. The healing properties of sound and vibration have been used and documented since early civilization. Ancient cultures knew this and used these practices well before science could prove them. Texts such as the Vedas that date to 1200-1500 B.C., have over 20,000 mantras. When chanted, these mantras target specific neurons in the body and mind. Evidence of Tibetan singing bowls dates back to 3000 B.C.

In 1886 a device was created by Heinrich Hertz that read and proved the existence of these frequencies. Today known as hertz (Hz), one hertz = one vibration per second. Cymatics is the study of sound and vibration made visible. These studies illustrate the connection between vibrational and physical patterns found in nature.

Healing Frequencies

Aum-Om is 432 Hz is known as the primal sound of our universe. The heartbeat of our planet that connects to ours. Sung in temples from the beginning of time to create union and healing. People can hear frequencies from around 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Even if not heard, the frequency can affect us. Utilized by many healing modalities:   

      • Pulsed electromagnetic therapy is used in modern medicine by many practitioners. 
      • Solfeggio frequencies are prolifically used in music, created in the 11th century. 
      • Medical Astrology uses tuning forks that are attuned to the planets.

For more information on these frequencies and there benefits, see this article.

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Benefits of Om Suggested by Scientific Studies

    • Induces calm and positivity. Creating a therapeutic effect on the body. Which helps fight conditions like depression, anxiety, stress and lower blood pressure and heartbeat. ¹
    • Calms the nervous system, helping the body fight diseases and illnesses and strengthening the immune system. ²
    • Mental repetition of Aum / Om results in physiological alertness, increased sensitivity and synchronicity of certain biorhythms, and an increased sensitivity to sensory transmission. ³

Symbolism and Meaning of Aum - Om

First recorded in the Hindu Vedas, Aum-Om is known as the seed sound/mantra. With deep roots and many translations that are all filled with innate wisdom. Overall it is known as the vibration of expanse and connectedness that compromises all sounds. The most globally recognized symbol is the Devanagari script, though many others are represented with Aum – Om. See the symbol in this article for a visual breakdown.

Symbolism and Meaning of om aum

A-U-M represents the 3 forces of creation as well as: 

      • Enlightenment (turiyā), dream state (Swapna), deep sleep (Sushupti), normal waking state (Jāgrat
      • Creation, preservation, and destruction of the universe.
      • Speech (‘Vak’), mind (‘Manas’) and breath (‘Prana’).
      • Goodness, passion, and darkness.
      • Earth, atmosphere, and heaven.
      • Past, present, and future.
      • Physical, astral, and causal.

How Aum - Om can be Used & Chanted

The sound of a group chanting Aum – Om together is truly grounding and does not need to be in harmony it organically creates resonance. This practice is used to open and close meditations and yoga classes to bring presence and union. Om-Aum is the original mantra used to create space and connection. There is no wrong way to chant this sacred syllable. When we chant we move energy from our abdomen up to the brain. AUM – ‘A’ resonates in the stomach and chest, ‘U’ in the throat and chest and ‘M’ in the nasal cavity, skull and brain. Chanting in a full voice (not loud) for 5-15 minutes is good to receive a beneficial meditative effect. It is believed that by chanting Aum-Om we can transcend the three curves of material consciousness and attain enlightenment.

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